Organization Structure

Our Principal

Meet Dr. Elson Dau, Principal FHTI, a passionate advocate for healthcare excellence and compassionate patient care. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Doctor of Medicine and extensive experience in clinical medicine, Dr. Daud brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Faraja Health Training Institute (FHTI). As the Principal, Dr. Daud is committed to fostering a supportive learning environment and preparing future healthcare professionals to excel in their careers. Join us as we embark on a journey of education and innovation under Dr. Daud’s guidance at FHTI.

Academic office

Meet Dr. Wilson Omari, a visionary academic leader at Faraja Health Training Institute. With a dedication to excellence in medical education, Dr. Omari continuously enhances programs and fosters a supportive learning environment. His passion ensures that Faraja Health Training Institute remains a leader in producing skilled healthcare professionals.

Examination Office

Meet Dr. Beatrice Nasari, our Examination Officer at Faraja Health Training Institute. With a dedication to academic excellence and innovation, Dr. Nasari ensures the integrity and effectiveness of our examination programs. She plays a key role in promoting faculty development and creating a supportive learning environment. Driven by a commitment to professionalism, she upholds the highest standards in examination administration.