Greetings! I am Dr. Samwel Lewi Minja, the visionary founder of Faraja Hospital, which has evolved into a remarkable district-level healthcare facility dedicated to providing exceptional services to our community. Alongside my late wife, Ancilla, we embarked on a journey fueled by compassion, dedication, and a strong desire to improve the lives of those in need. As we continue our mission, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and look forward to leaving a lasting legacy of care and compassion for generations to come.

Early Life and Education

 Born in 1957, my formative years were shaped by a loving family and a community that instilled in me the values of hard work and empathy. I began my educational journey at Samanga Primary School, where I developed a passion for learning and personal growth.

Continuing my educational pursuits, I attended Galanosi Secondary School and later Old Moshi Secondary School. During this time, I immersed myself in various subjects, always eager to broaden my knowledge and skills.

Determined to make a difference in the healthcare sector, I pursued higher education at Bugando College of Health and Allied Sciences. Here, I acquired the knowledge and expertise required to contribute significantly to the medical field and improve healthcare outcomes.



Family Life and Partnership with Ancilla

 In 1984, I married my beloved wife, Ancilla, who graduated from the Bukumbi School of Nursing as a Nurse Midwife. Our partnership was built on shared values and a common goal of serving our community and providing quality healthcare to those in need.

Building Faraja Dispensary

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Ancilla and I took a significant step towards our vision by opening Faraja Dispensary in the small town of Himo. Driven by a deep desire to make healthcare accessible to all, we named it “Faraja,” meaning “comfort” in Swahili, symbolizing our commitment to bringing comfort and healing to our patients.

Growth and Transformation

Through our dedicated leadership, Faraja Hospital grew steadily and evolved into a fully functional district-level hospital. We expanded our facilities to a two-story building, housing various departments and specialized units, including a dialysis unit. The growth of Faraja Hospital stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our community.

Impact and Legacy

The journey of building Faraja Hospital has been rewarding and fulfilling. Witnessing the positive impact our hospital has on the lives of patients and families fills us with immense pride. The legacy of our work extends beyond the physical infrastructure; it lies in the countless lives we have touched and the access to quality healthcare we have provided.